Conferences and events

Next Events
Date Location Subject
07/07/2022 Santiago de Compostela 29th Finance Forum
28/06/2022 Bolsa de Bilbao | Online BME and CNMV | Forum about the benefits of being listed on the Stock Exchange


Past Events
Date Location Subject
24/05/2022 Bolsa de Madrid | Online Forum Medcap 2022 | May 24, 25 & 26
18/05/2022 Bolsa de Madrid | Online OFISO 2022 Annual Meeting
17/05/2022 Bolsa de Madrid Substarte AI Ring the Bell (BME Growth)
01/04/2022 Bolsa de Bilbao 2º Edition Hack&Disrupt!
11/03/2022 Bolsa de Barcelona Vytrus Ring the Bell (BME Growth)
08/03/2022 Online Ring the Bell for Gender Equality
04/03/2022 Parqué, Madrid Enerside Ring the Bell (BME Growth)
02/03/2022 Madrid 13th edition Spanish Capital Markets Conference
17/02/2022 Madrid Startup Olé 2022 Launch Event
08/02/2022 Online Frankfurt European MidCap Event 2022