Conferences and events

Next Events
Date Location Subject
11/09/2024 Stock Exchange Palace Shareholders' Meetings in the 21st Century


Past Events
Date Location Subject
20/06/2024 Bolsa de Madrid NZI Rings the Bell
28/05/2024 Bolsa de Madrid Foro Medcap 2024: from May 28th to 30th
14/05/2024 Bolsa de Madrid Umbrella Investor's Day 2024
26/04/2024 Bolsa de Madrid tuTECHÔ Rings the Bell
30/11/2023 Bolsa de Barcelona Iflex Flexible Packaging Opening bell
29/11/2023 Valencia BIGBAN Investors Congress 2023
23/11/2023 Barcelona French Chamber of Commerce | "How to become a “rocket “: going public in a SME market"
30/10/2023 Bolsa de Bilbao FESE Conference "CMU - Quo vadis?"
05/10/2023 Bolsa de Madrid Revenga Smart Solutions Opening Bell
19/07/2023 Madrid | Online Event: "The road to listing: the steps a company must take to list on BME Growth"