Conferences and events

Next Events
Date Location Subject
02/03/2022 Madrid 13th edition Spanish Capital Markets Conference
08/02/2022 Online Frankfurt European MidCap Event 2022


Past Events
Date Location Subject
12/01/2022 Madrid 13th edition Spain Investors Day
14/12/2021 Bacelona | Online Solarprofit Ring the Bell (BME Growth)
01/12/2021 Online Geneva 2021 | Geneva European MidCap Event
01/12/2021 Madrid | Online Sngular Ring the Bell (BME Growth)
22/11/2021 Online Latibex Forum
16/11/2021 Online FESE & EurupeanIssuers | Webinar "How to keep companies in Europe?"
16/11/2021 Portorož, Slovenia FESE | European Small and Mid-Cap Awards
04/11/2021 Barcelona Seminar "BME Growth. The SME stock market."
29/10/2021 Parqué | Online Club de Fútbol Intercity Ring the Bell
04/10/2021 Parqué | Online Financial Literacy Day