Sngular receives favourable report from BME Growth

  • It will be the 14th company to join BME Growth this year

The Coordination and Admissions Committee of BME Growth has submitted to the Board of Directors a favourable report on SNGULAR following a thorough review of all the information presented by the company.

SNGULAR will be the fourteenth company to join BME Growth this year.

The company will carry out a capital increase in the coming days. Once completed, it will publish an addendum to the Information Document with the result. The company's Board of Directors will take the subscription price in the capital increase as the reference price for the start trading.

Its Registered Adviser is Renta 4 Corporate while Renta 4 Banco acts as Liquidity Provider.

SNGULAR’s core business focuses on the design, development, deployment and promotion of technology-based transformation projects and new digital products designed to meet the needs derived from the digitisation of society and the economy. These products are digital solutions accessible to customers as Software As A Service.

 The Informative Document on SNGULAR can be found on BME Growth’s website ( and contains all the relevant information on the company and its business.