Hannun to start trading on BME Growth on Wednesday, 29 June

  • The company, the sixth to join this BME market in 2022, achieves a market value of 31.6 billion euros on its market debut

The Board of Directors of the Market has approved the listing of HANNUN, following a thorough review of all the information presented by the company and after the favourable assessment report on its listing issued by the Coordination and Admission Committee.      

HANNUN, which is the sixth company to join BME Growth so far this year, will begin trading on BME Growth on Wednesday, June 29, when it will hold a Bell Ringing at the Barcelona stock exchange. 

The company's Board of Directors has set a reference value for each of its shares of 1.01 euros, giving the company a total valuation of 31.6 million euros.

The company’s ticker symbol will be “HAN”. The company’s Registered Adviser is DCM Asesores while GVC Gaesco Valores will act as Liquidity Provider.  

HANNUN is an international brand of eco-friendly furniture and home décor items. The company mainly sells products which it designs through its own e-commerce website. However, some of its products, aimed at corporate customers operating primarily in the hotel and catering sectors, are not marketed via online channels.

The Informative Document on HANNUN can be found on BME Growth’s website ( and contains all the relevant information on the company and its business.