BME Growth welcomes Hannun

Joan Álvarez and Maurici Badía, cofunders of Hannun, during the Bell Ringing in the Barcelona Stock Exchange.

  • It becomes the sixth company to join this market in 2022

BME Growth today welcomed HANNUN. The Bell Ringing, which was held at the Barcelona stock exchange, was led by Joan Álvarez and Maurici Badía, founding partners of the company, and was attended by Eduardo Ansaldo, Chairman of the Barcelona stock exchange, and Jesús González Nieto-Márquez, General Manager of BME Growth.

The company, which is the sixth to join this BME market so far this year, set a reference price of 1.01 euros, thus reaching an initial valuation of 31.6 million euros.

"We are very pleased to welcome Hannun, which is the second company to join BME Growth so far this year in the last 48 hours. This is a good sign of the dynamism that the SME Growth market is showing. Today, with Hannun it will have a company of reference in ecological furniture and online sales and we wish it a huge success" said Jesús González Nieto-Márquez.

The company began trading under the code "HAN".

All photos of HANNUN’s bell ringing are available on Flickr through this link: