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Grenergy Renovables is a renewable energy project developer and IPP ("Independent Power Producer”), mainly of solar photovoltaic energy.

Founded in Madrid in 2007, Grenergy is involved in every stage of our projects: development, construction, financial structuring, operation and plant maintenance. 

We have developed and executed various projects in Spain, of which we operate and carry our maintenance in all of them as well as owning a small portfolio of them.

Grenergy has a strong international presence in Latin America, through a regional strategy that counts with various offices in countries like Mexico, Chile or Peru. In these markets, Grenergy has developed a significant portfolio of wind and solar photovoltaic energy projects, consolidating a diversified and flexible business model that can adapt to the particular circumstances of each market. This flexibility makes us unique in the industry, and we have managed to make our projects profitable in all of the development stages. This strategy has allowed us to be very profitable in Spain, and to currently have high-quality and sustainable projects in Latin America that have no dependence or reliance on subsidies.

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